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BR Action Plan

The managing bodies of the Lower Morava Biosphere Reserve, public benefit corporation, prepared BR management plan for the period of 2008 – 2013. The plan was established in accordance with the Seville strategy, BR founding agreement and BR statutes.

The Lower Morava Biosphere Reserve, public benefit corporation will focus in its activities on the following fields of interest:

1) Protection of natural and cultural diversity.
2) Creation of models for responsible landscape management and the search of methods for sustainable development.
3) Research and education.
4) Partner cooperation.

1. Protection of natural and cultural diversity

1.1 Protection and management of the landscape
a) Sensible participation on administrative proceedings related to the landscape
b) Initiation of law proposals and useful law alterations, evaluation of existing or proposed legal regulations establishing protected conservation areas.
c) Assessment of existing or preparation of new management plans for individual protected areas.
d) Elaboration and approval of BR zonation with the use of up to date information and international recommendations
e)Elimination of old ecological burdens and damages
f) Participation on landscape development projects

1.2 Protection and renewal of a gene pool
a) Support and development of systematic gene pool care in the area of BR
b) Initiation a preparation of rescue programs for selected protected species of animals and plants.
c) Initiation of protection of outstanding and monumental trees and providing for practical protection measures.
d) Initiation a preparation of programs and projects related to revitalization and renewal of wetland biotopes.

1.3 Protection of cultural diversity
a) Support of activities leading to propagation and recognition of Mikulcice National Monument as a World Heritage Site
b) Active participation on preparation of Lednice-valtice cultural landscape World Heritage Site and cooperation in the plan’s fulfillment
c) ) Initiation a preparation of programs with the aim to renew and maintain cultural and natural elements of composed cultural landscapes of Lednice-valtice and Mikulov areas
d) Creation of certification system for labeling Lower Morava BR original products
e) Support and propagation of traditional folklore activities (festivals, folk customs, costumes etc.)

2. Creation of models for responsible landscape management and the search for methods of sustainable development.

2.1 Regional planning
a) Participation on elaboration of Zoning plan of greater administrative district Breclav.
b) Cooperation on creation of various levels of zone planning documentation
c) Initiation of elaboration of development strategies for major economic activities within the BR, especially for development of agriculture, fisheries, pond management, game management, forestry and extraction of mineral d) Coordination and elaboration of tourism development strategies.

2.2 Cooperation with local residents, municipalities and businesses
a) Cooperation with local authorities on implementation of nature and landscape protection measures
b) Contact intensification with individual municipalities and providing for of resident awareness.
c) Support of business activities that are in accordance with BR mission

3. Research and education
3.1 Research and monitoring
a) Arrangement and coordination of fundamental biological, socio-economical and other research and monitoring.
b) Safekeeping and updating of research and monitoring information database.
c) Close cooperation with science and research institutes, universities, schools, researchers and scientists

3.2 Education, training and awareness activities
a) Initiation, coordination and realization of education, training and awareness rising activities for local residents, visitors and particularly the youth
b) Mutual cooperation with the media in order to provide qualified and unbiased information about BR and Public Benefit Corporation activities.
c) Cooperation with tourist information centers
d) Creation of the Biosphere Center – information and education center for the landscape professions with the focus on methods of sustainable development (economy, well being…) and development of low impact tourism

4. Partner cooperation
a) Cooperation with the Czech National Committee of MaB Program in Prague as well as with the UNESCO MaB Program headquarters in Paris.
b) Establishment of relevant partnerships with selected biosphere reserves in the neighboring countries (Slovakia, Austria) as well as other selected BRs included in the world network
c) Support of cross-border cooperation.


All the above actions will be realized with the help of funding that Lower Morava BR, public benefit corporation, obtains from own expert activities, grants, foundations, own business activities, donations and active participation on regional, international and other projects. All obtained funds will be used to provide public benefit services in accordance with BR mission. This plan was prepared as a Lower Morava BR long term conception and activity plan. It also serves as framework for preparation of annual plans.