Establishment and restoration of biocenters and Territorial System of Ecological Stability (TSES) elements in the Vlasatice cadastre

The key objective of this landscape project is the establishment of the TSES system along with restoration of a number of habitats in the cultural landscape which was originally characterized by habitat diversity. The area has been subject to intensive farming and particularly in the 1960s – 1970s was transformed into a cultural steppe with a severely limited biodiversity.
The proposed and implemented measures will decrease the volume of soil wash and erosion, enhance landscape hygiene by decreasing the dust burden or improve moisture characteristics.
It is expected that the newly established basic TSES structure will be supplemented by related measures in the agricultural landscape, such as the establishment of bio-corridors between field crops and linear elements, watering places for birds and wetlands. The enhanced environmental characteristics of the landscape will result in e.g. an increase in hare and partridge populations, as important bioindicators of the quality of agricultural landscape.
An important aspect of the project is the elimination of the threat of non-native tree species spread into the newly established TSES. The project will create an exemplary complex ecosystem of a cultural farmland with significantly improved conditions for conservation and development of biodiversity.