Revitalization of the Chateau Pond in Lednice

The general maintenance and revitalization (a project worth approx. 3.8 million Euro) of the Chateau

Pond in Lednice was launched at the beginning of 2021. The water reservoir, which was originally

built in 1811. It is a part of the National cultural monument Lednice Castle and Lednice-Valtice World

Heritage Site. The pond will be revitalized after 210 years from European funds earmarked for the

Operational Fund for the Environment of the Czech Republic (OP ŽP) and with the contribution of a

local businessman.

At the end of 2020, the administratively demanding four-year project preparation process

was completed by signing an agreement between the State Environmental Fund and the

Lower Morava Biosphere Reserve, to provide funding in the amount of 90% of the total costs.

The necessary co-funding of almost 400 000 Euro, will be provided in the form of a gift by

Mr. Ing. František Fabičovic, local businessman, owner of the company Alca plast a.s. "I have

been cooperating with the Lower Moravia Biosphere Reserve since its inception. The biosphere

reserve has shown many times that her projects make sense and she is able to bring them

to a successful end. There are many achievements behind her activities and I appreciate that.

In the revitalization of the Chateau Pond in Lednice, I see a meaningful and good work that

will be beneficial not only to nature itself, but also to the people who live in this region or come

here as tourists. That is why I decided to support this project and, as in the case of neighboring

Obelisk Game Reserve, to invest my money in the restoration of the landscape and in the

rescue of plants and animals, ”said František Fabičovic.

Work on the project began in 2017, when agreements on cooperation and renting of Chateau Pond

were concluded between the non-profit company Lower Morava Biosphere Reserve and the National

Heritage Institute, obtaining a building permit and submitting an application for a subsidy from

European funds to the Operational Fund for the Environment of the Czech Republic (OP Environment)

in coordination with the National Heritage Institute and the Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech


The company HYDRO & KOV s.r.o. based in the the town of Třeboň, was selected as the

contractor through a public tender. This company deals with the revitalization of ponds as

the main field of its activities and has already demonstrated rich experience with the

implementation of similar projects. Nevertheless, they approach the revitalization of the

Chateau pond with respect. The company executive Ing. Miroslav Ježek stated that: “The

opportunity to participate in the revitalization of such an important area means a great

commitment and prestige for our company, which is, however, redeemed by very complex

work. The is perhaps no other similar area, which would be under as many degrees of

protection as this pond, located in the Czech Republic. We must take into account that the

pond, together with the adjacent areas, is a National Cultural Monument, is also part of the

Lednice Ponds National Nature Reserve, falls under the protection of Natura 2000 as a

Special Area of Conservation as well as Special Protection Area for Birds and in addition

it is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The assignment itself, together with the

limited timeframe for implementation within the time outside the growing season, leads to a

very complex task to be solved. The project is a combination of almost all technologies that

are available in the revitalization of ponds. The sediments are removed in the dry and wet

processes, the fortification of the banks is solved not only by the classic use of a stone dump

but also by a completely unique system of "drowned barges" behind which extracted sediments

are deposited and and in addition access to the pond is limited to one way and one entrance.

We can already promise that a special technique will be used during this project, which is

usually not used together elsewhere. The most difficult part of the work for us will be the

movement in the area, which remains without intervention. The mere fact that the investor - the

biosphere reserve - was able to balance the preparation of the project into a building permit and

at the same time received support from the State Environmental Fund is very unique, considering

the number of inputs. "

The Lower Morava Biosphere Reserve, has proven several times that as a "non-profit organization"

it can be valid in solving various landscape problems in the region and beyond. In cooperation with

municipalities, business entities, the state nature protection authorities and with all those who want

ahealthy and sustainable development of the cultural landscape, it focuses primarily on good

interdisciplinary communication. The basis for its decision-making are scientifically based arguments,

respect for the laws and respect for professional and personal responsibility for the state of the

landscape and the environment.