Long-term programmes implemented in collaboration with Forests of the Czech Republic, state enterprise

In accordance with our Foundation Contract, the Seville Strategy and the Madrid Action Plan for biosphere reserves and in collaboration with Forests of the Czech Republic, State Enterprise, we were able to implement four programmes encompassing a number of activities:

1) Conservation of Species and Cultural Diversity of Cultural Landscape

2) Cultural Landscape Management

3) Environmental Education and Training

4) Information and Cooperation with the General Public

The aim of these programmes is to promote the concepts of complex nature and cultural heritage conservation and to nurture positive relations to the environment through professional conduct of representatives of landscape professions. They strive to employ historical facts on cultural landscape’s long-term development and on the role of landscape professions within it and based on this, to promote sustainable methods of landscape management as a time-tested approach to balancing relations between human needs and the need to conserve the species and habitat diversity of a cultural landscape. We make every effort to make the outcomes understandable to the general public and to raise awareness about the fact that the traditional landscape professions are a part of general culture. We would like to promote examples of landscape management harmonized with conservation of all the landscape’s values for future generations.

The projects are implemented under the co-funding of Forests of the Czech Republic, State Enterprise.