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PEFC membership of Lower Morava BR, P.B.C.

Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes (PEFC) is an independent, non-profit international organization registered in Geneva, which represents a framework for creating and mutual recognition of independent national certification systems. The Czech Republic is one of the 11 founding member states which formed PEFC Council in 1999.

In 2012 our P.B.C. accepted an official offer to become a member of PEFC CR, a consortium of of legal persons acting as the national managing body of the Czech system of forest certification. PEFC CR unites representatives of forestry, wood processing industry and other interest groups. Individual members divide into three chambers based on their respective fields of activities.

The “other interest groups” chamber, of which our P.B.C. is a member, unites PEFC CR members representing other forest management organizations, such as educational and research institutions, trade unions, environmental organizations, state administration and other. The current members include the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences of Czech University of Life Sciences, Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology of Mendel University, Czech Forestry Society and the Trade Union of Wood-processing Industry and Forestry Workers. The chambers are authorized to elect and dismiss members of the PEFC CR Presidium representing the respective chambers, elect delegates for PEFC CR Assembly, process proposals presented by the Presidium and make proposals to the Presidium and Assembly. Those nominated to represent their chamber in the Presidium participate in everyday running of PEFC CR within the jurisdiction of the Presidium.

By becoming a PEFC CR member, our P.B.C. endorses sustainable forest management and its contribution to enhancing biodiversity and the environment. It has also gained access to independent control of sustainable forest management, which could prove to have a positive effect particularly in the ongoing revision of Lower Morava BR zonation.