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Landscaping in the Forests of Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landcape WHS

In the course of preparing the Management Plan of LVCL we, among other things, defined the weaknesses of the World Heritage Site. Among them was the condition of the elementary landscape elements of the composed landscape of LVCL. In collaboration with Forests of the Czech Republic, the Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry in Brno and specialized authorities of the Czech Republic, we thus executed an implementation project aiming to improve the condition of the World Heritage Site and to provide its long-term maintenance, including financial calculations and sources. At the same time, the project can be used as a basis for applying for grants from EU and Czech funds. The project will be utilized in the course of preparing the new 2010 – 2019 Forest Management Plan for the Zidlochovice Forest Management Unit.

The project treated the restoration of aesthetic landscape components in forests, including their interconnection through tree avenues in the open landscape of LVCL, which constitute the principal composition elements of the unique cultural landscape listed as a World Heritage Site. It provided the groundwork for justifying the transformation of selected parts of forests into the category of special purpose forests (forest of a park character), the restoration of forest tree avenues, a project for the maintenance of grassland in forest vistas and in forest meadows, or for the plans of support car parks.

 The project was funded by Forests of the Czech Republic, State Enterprise