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Restoration of landscape vegetation in the Luzice u Hodonína cadastre

The key objective of this landscape project is to establish a natural site in the vicinity of Luzice, which would provide a pleasing space for leisure time activities of local residents and children as well as an interesting forest steppe ecosystem enhancing the development of rare plant, animal and fungi species.
The area in question has been partly degraded by illegal building material dumps and under threat of becoming overgrown with non-native tree and herb species, such as the box elder, black locust, tree of heaven or the dangerous Bohemian knotweed (Reynoutria x bohemica). The project aims to establish a forest steppe site of a natural character with cultural “butterfly meadows” hay meadows, interwoven with soft field roads and trails and groves of forest tree and native shrub species.
Establishment of this element based on Territorial System of Ecological Stability (TSES) biocentre principles will trigger a number of positive ecosystem changes in the surrounding cultural landscape. The proposed and implemented measures will enhance the biodiversity of all groups of living organisms. Succession processes will create ideal conditions for a number of species, helping to enhance and stabilize their populations along with opening possibilities to occupy newly established ecological niches.