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Leaflet "Floodplain Forests in Podluzi" 

In collaboration with the Union of Municipalities of the Podluzi Region, which is situated in the southern part of the Lower Morava Biosphere Reserve, we jointly published an educational leaflet titled “Floodplain Forests in Podluzi”.

The full-colour leaflet is divided into thematic parts focusing on the floodplain forests as a unique ecosystem, its management, points of interest within the floodplain forest and its history, as well as the present floodplain forests in Podluzi. The leaflet also contains information on the Podluzi Region and the Lower Morava BR. It is accompanied with a map of the most important floodplain forest complexes in Podluzi marked, together with interesting places for visitors.

The project was co-funded by the Union of Municipalities of the Podluzi Region.

Download this file (Leaflet Floodplain forest.pdf)Leaflet Floodplain forest.pdf[ ]3986 Kb