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Network of Information Centres Aimed At Agro-Environmental Programmes in the South Moravia Region and the Vysočina Region

Agriculture is an economic activity which has the greatest impact in terms of the areas it affects. It shapes the landscape character, influences the soil, the quality of both surface and ground water, runoff conditions in the landscape, erosion, ecosystems and the occurrence and condition of individual species. It also fundamentally affects demographic and social situations in the countryside. 
Agricultural businesses are funded by a number of EU support programmes as well as national programmes under the auspices of the Ministry of the Environment (ME) and the Ministry of Agriculture (MA). Farmers often find it difficult to stay abreast of the opportunities offered by the many programmes and that is why they often fail to fully exploit their potential (with the exception of farmers from Protected Landscape Areas and National Parks). 

The project is guaranteed by EPOS – the Union of Advisors in Organic Farming in the Czech Republic, and we participate in it as a partner and founder of an information point. The objective of the project is to provide farmers and municipalities with complex information and advisory services on the various programmes of the Ministries of the Environment and Agriculture. We stress the importance of public education, training and providing information in the fields of the agro-environmental sphere, organic farming, bio-degradable waste disposal and integrated viticulture in association with the concept materials of the EU, the Czech government and individual regions (www.agro-envi-info.cz). 

The project’s secondary objective is to boost demand for products coming from production systems promoting sustainable farming and thus eventually create conditions for economic viability and expansion of such production systems.

The project was funded by EU funds under the Operational Programme For Human Resource Development.