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BRs in the Czech Republic

The first biosphere reserves started to emerge in the former Czechoslovakia in the 1970's.
There are six BRs in the Czech Republic today, which of five are managed by governmental nature conservation authorities and share the total area with some of the specially protected area category (Protected Landscape Area - PLA, National Park -NP) and only one is managed by stakeholder and community based NGO and its area is not identical to any protected nature conservation area.

BR name TřeboňskoKřivoklátskoŠumava
Established 1977 1977 1990
Area (km2) 700 628 1671
Management Třeboňsko PLA Authority Křivoklátsko PLA Authority Šumava PLA and NP Authority
Contact www.trebonsko.nature.cz www.krivoklatsko.nature.cz www.npsumava.cz
BR name KrkonošeBílé KarpatyDolní Morava
Established 1992 1996 2003
Area (km2) 548 715 349
Management Krkonoše National Park Authority Bílé Karpaty Protected Landscape Area Authority Lower Morava Biosphere Reserve, public benefit company
Contact www.krnap.cz brkk.krkonose.cz www.bilekarpaty.cz www.dolnimorava.org

Until 2017, the Czech National Committee of the MaB within the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic was the authority responsible for the MAB Programme and Biosphere Reserves in the Czech Republic. However, the Academy dissolved this committee and the Academy's Council for Foreign Relations requested the formal transfer of the agenda of the MAB Programme to the Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic, which has not yet taken any official steps. Therefore the MAB Program in the Czech Republic has not been officially coordinated in any way
since 2018.