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World Heritage Site Management

The large part of the biosphere reserve area  is recognized by UNESCO as the Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape World heritage site (LVCL) 

As with every UNESCO World Heritage Site, LVCL must adhere to rules and regulations which are set by international agreements. Among them is the obligation to establish a management plan as a set of rules whose objective is to preserve, improve and promote the sustainable development of the World Heritage Site in question. 

The nomination documentation for inscription of LVCL on the World Heritage List did not contain a management plan. The Lower Morava Biosphere reserve created the Management Plan of the Lednice - Valtice Cultural Landscape and its regulations upon request from the South Moravian Regional Authority .

The Management Plan was established on the basis of relevant foreign materials and expert publications and followed a thorough study of the expert materials, consultations and discussions with concerned entities from within the Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape. 

The contents of the Management Plan focused primarily on the establishment of a framework of action and its co-ordination within the LVCL. Its main objective is to preserve the values on whose basis the LVCL was inscribed on the World Heritage List and to create the necessary conditions for a sustainable development of the area in question. 

One of the key factors for future management of the area is the establishment of a suitable management framework, i.e. co-ordinated management and co-operation within LVCL which is based on the recognition and understanding of the area’s outstanding universal values and seeing history as a process of cultural landscape development.

One of the partial objectives was to create conditions which would define the position and activities framework of a site manager whose job description would be co-ordination of activities within LVCL and meeting the management plan objectives.

The Management Plan was submitted to UNESCO and the Lower Morava Biosphere Reserve, public benefit company was appointed the site manager of the World heritage landscape.