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Protected Area of Natural Water Accumulation

Every Protected Area of Natural Water Accumulation is a significant site, not only from the water management point of view. Its designation by the national government is based on expert recommendations and research of the area in question (e.g. hydrological and water-management balance, discharge, quality of groundwater, substantiality of springs and others).

The Morava Quaternary Protected Area of Natural Water Accumulation encompasses also the alluvium of the Morava and Dyje rivers and was designated by a government decree No.85/1981. This area plays a key role in drinking water supplies for the districts of the towns Hodonín and Břeclav. Due to its importance for water management it must be protected by a system of measures aimed at conserving natural conditions and hydrological relations. The measures affect forest management, land drainage, strip mining, the construction of farm animal fattening stations, the construction of factories and other activities which might have a negative impact on the quality of water.