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The Act on nature and landscape protection also includes a provision for the protection of the landscape character, notably from activities degrading its aesthetic and natural value, by establishing a nature park through a regulation imposing obligation. This regulation restricts similar uses of the area which might lead to the destruction, damage or nullification of its condition. Nature parks should facilitate the improvement of the environment, they should work as buffer zones of specially protected areas and can be used for recreational activities.

The Dyje Floodplain Nature Park was designated in 2002 by a decree issued by the District Authority in the town of Břeclav. Its total area of 15 km2 encompasses parts of cadastres of the following settlements: Břeclav, Poštorná, Charvátská Nová Ves, Ladná, Lednice and Podivín. The main objective is to protect floodplain forests and meadows with solitary oak trees, floodplain pools and other habitats with unique plant and animal communities. The area’s importance called for the issuing of a regulation which regulates its economic use and development. It bans aerial spraying with chemicals, construction of new roads, camping and making open fires, organizing parties and dumping waste, among other things.

The Mikulčice Floodplain Nature Park was declared by the District Authority in the town of Hodonín in 1999. It is a typical example of floofdplain landscape with forest formed by Pedunculate oak, Smooth-leaved elm, Hornbeam and Ash. The park is a notable ornithological area and a part the park is also important archeological site.