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Nature Monument (NM)

– in the Czech Republic nature monuments constitute the largest category similar to that of a National Nature Monument - but only of regional importance. It enables parts of ecosystems, geological features and rare species occurring in the area to be protected. As in the case of nature reserves, its legal protection is ensured through designation by the respective regional authorities and the administration of its protected landscape area.

Kočičí skála (Cat’s Rock) – isolated limestone rock surrounded by farmland
Kienberg – steppe barrens with thermophilous species, an important archaeological site
Růžový kopec – remnants of meadow steppe and steppe barrens in agricultural landscape
Anenský vrch – steppe barrens with shrubs in agricultural landscape
Jezírko Kutnar (Kutnar Pool) – floodplain pool with a unique cyanophyte and algae habitat
Květné jezero (Květné Pool) – floodplain pool with fragments of a floodplain forest