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National Nature Reserve (NNR)

is the most rigorously protected of the small-scale special protected areas. It provides protection to unique natural ecosystems of national and international importance which are resident in its natural relief and typical geological composition. The aim of such protection is to conserve or improve the condition of these ecosystems and the processes inherent in them. The basic protection conditions are defined by law and ban all activities which might have a negative impact on its natural development. Economic exploitation is forbidden, except for activities which help sustain the stability of individual ecosystems. NNR is designated by the decree of the Ministry of the Environment.

The Lednice Fishponds – an important ornithological site and historical fishpond network
Cahnov-Soutok – remnants of primary floodplain forest left to natural development
Ranšpurk – fragment of an ancient floodplain forest left to natural development
Děvín-Kotel-Soutěska – rock, steppe and forest ecosystems on limestone, an important geological site
Křivé jezero – preserved part of the Dyje alluvium, important nesting site
Saline meadow by Nesyt – saline meadows with remnants of halophytic vegetation
Tabulová, Růžový vrch and Kočičí kámen (Cat’s Rock) – steppe thermophilous flora and fauna on limestone foundation