Pastviny and Kanci Game Preserve – Projects of “Production Forest to Suburban Forest” Transformation

Pastviny and Kanci Game Preserve are typical production forests in the vicinity of the town of Breclav, with little possibility of extensive use for leisure and sport activities of the town inhabitants. The existing forest roads are not suitable for everyday recreational use of visitors and are utilized only by heavy forest machinery. Soft forest paths outside the main logging roads are often overgrown and insufficiently passable.

Aware of this, we prepared a project for the transformation of selected forest parts into the special-purpose-forest category (suburban forests, forests of a park character) and for the optimization of the tourist and municipal infrastructure. Upon the implementation of the proposed projects, an attractive area will emerge, especially designed for leisure activities and education of both inhabitants and visitors to the town of Breclav.

The project contains a proposed draft of structure transformation for forest stands and meadows which should work as a base for the new Forest Management Plan.

The project was funded by Forests of the Czech Republic, State Enterprise.