Establishment and restoration of biocenters and Territorial System of Ecological Stability (TSES) elements in the Pohorelice and Nova Ves cadastres

A follow-up of a project launched in 2011 and implemented by the municipality of Pohorelice, which our P.B.C. initiated, processed and applied for funding. The project was granted funding from the Operational Programme Environment and its implementation was launched in 2012. The interest area comprises vast stretches of arable land intersected by linear plots of land used as access roads, usually devoid of complementary linear greenery. The entire area shows a minimum ecological stability, which is why the establishment of two TSES biocenters was proposed, complementing the existing bio-corridors (a windbreak and the Jihlava River) with new interaction elements in the form of tree alleys and groves which will house natural plant communities currently missing in the interest area. The the project will complement vast stretches of farmland with interaction elements designed to play poly-functional role within the local TSES and enhance the aesthetic and hygienic functions of the landscape. This project represents probably the most extensive implementation project focusing on the establishment and complementation of South Moravian TSES to date. The proposed area to be planted with trees and shrubs combined with grassy areas amounts to approximately 56 ha and the planned implementation cost is approx. CZK 40 mil.