Stabilization of the Bulhary slope

The focus of the project is stabilization of a slope in the Bulhary cadastre. The slope and its surroundings are in immediate danger of landslide on the right bank of the uncanalized Dyje River. Due to erosion impact the slope is unstable, deformed by local landslides and its deteriorating condition threatens the neighbouring houses and infrastructure. The project proposed measures protecting property and minimizing investment costs.

The aim of the project is to secure the stability of the Dyje River bank and the slope above it in the critical segment situated directly in the Bulhary municipality. Due to the ongoing slope erosion and growing threat to property and health of local residents, and with minimizing investment costs in mind, rectification of the present state is imperative in the shortest time possible. 

The technical specifications of the project involve relocation of the riverbed and consequent stabilization of the damaged right bank by building material.

The activities proposed in the project encompass the following:

1)     Removal of bank vegetation which might obstruct the construction works in the segment of relocated riverbed and in the space of stabilization.

2)      Riverbed relocation – the existing riverbed will be relocated, thus fortifying the right bank and creating a lagoon by the left bank.

3)     Stabilization of the right bank slope – the slope will be stabilized by added building material and consequent terracing of the bank. The terraces are planned in the place where the original riverbed is filled by suitable soil.

4)     Greening of the river bank, biological support – trees planted along the bank line of the newly formed riverbed.

Apart from the project itself, our P.B.C. also processed application for EU funding under the Operational Programme Environment.